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So, guess where I’m living right now?

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Yeah, I finally went and did it (three months ago, been too busy studying* to update this). I’m on a Working Holiday visa, which I actually got in June 2015, on the very last possible week you can get it. It’s intended for ages 18 – 30 inclusive, and I applied just before my 31st birthday. In fact, the visa itself was dated the day after my birthday. It lasts for a year, but when you arrive in Japan (I did about a month and a half before it expires), it allows you to have a year’s stay from the date of arrival. It also allows you to do most jobs (not bar work, or things in “the entertainment industry”), though, of course, Japanese language ability and understanding of the job market here are far bigger barriers.

Anyway, unlike the oversubscribed JET Programme, the working holiday scheme (when going from Britain to Japan – the other way is supposed to be more difficult) is incredibly undersubscribed. If you apply, you’ll get it – and I say that as somebody rejected out of hand from JET three times. Now that I’m here, I’m doing the online work for a qualification from something called TEFL Academy, which offers a dual 120 hour certificate (20 hours in the class, 100 hours online). After I’ve finished that, it’ll be time to look for jobs! …and stuff to talk about on here, I have a handful of things I can do, but it’s time for more study!

*-drinking, cycling and wasting time on 8chan and youtube.

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