Visiting Japan in September

I was planning to apply for a private ALT company this week, with work starting early in September. BUT I’m too much of a coward to rush into that (and I’m not sure how well I’d cope with being chucked in front of a class of kids who don’t speak my language and told to get on with it… which, knowing my luck, is what I’d be saddled with, rather than “human tape recorder” work XD). So instead I have booked a holiday in Japan for the last two weeks of September.


Going on one o them

As well as being a “jolly”, I’m also going to look carefully at living in Japan. On the previous two trips I just had fun around Tokyo, and left my girlfriend to do most of the talking. But this time I’ll be going it alone, so I can really evaluate how much of the language I know! I’m also going to look at the prices of various bits and pieces around supermarkets so I can get a better idea of the actual cost of living, and how well I’ll be able to survive on the meagre salary of a private ALT.

My first draft itinerarararary (that is yer actual French, for “list of stuff to do”) is:

15th: Pack, don’t sleep!

16th: Get the plane, hopefully will now be incredibly tired and will sleep. Though still force myself to stay awake on the flight to Paris and while waiting in the airport there. Maybe I can get a window seat on the plane from London to Paris, that’ll keep me wide awake.

17th: Arrive in Tokyo. Check into the hotel there (probably in one of the outer districts like Funabashi… because that’s where my ex-girlfriend lived so I ‘know’ it, and the hotels will be cheaper). Head to central Tokyo and just wander about. Probably visiting the weird cookie monster “antique” shop.


That one, full of 70’s – 90’s American memorabilia. Just the other side of the river from that big newspaper office with a hole in it.

Also track down a resturant that I went to once which did great Gyoza. Then look at Senso-Ji and maybe stalk Danny Choo… or at least have “dindins” at the shopping centre near his house, which he constantly photographs and talks about XD.

18th: Jinbocho. Maybe Nakano Broadway (aka an indoor Akihabara) if I can be bothered. It’s bound to be very loud and very crowded!

19th: Yokohama – try and find a location in a book I have from the 30’s, try and find a “Danish shop” seen in the foreground of a postcard I have, visit the Mikasa, visit the funfair, visit the Landmark Tower before sunset (last went at night). Try all three of it’s exclusive beers… again.

20th: Dunno. Ideas? Might troll over to Ikebukuro for the Animate shop there, as I understand, er, “interesting” comics can be bought there. But that won’t talk all day! Perhaps Roppongi Hills? I didn’t go to the top last time.

21st: Akihabara… hey, it’s Akihabara! Then the Tokyo Sky Tree just before sunset.

22nd: Get the Bullet Train to Kyoto, take many pictures on the way and perhaps finally, actually, see Mount Fuji!

23rd: International Manga Museum… of course. Who do you think I am?

24th: Dunno, golden temple?

25th: Dunno. The Kyoto version of Akihabara? …nah, one’s enough!

26th: Travel to Kochi in Shikoku, where my friend is doing JET.

27th: Travel to Kyoto and then back to Tokyo, then to Narita town… which is apparently quite nice, though most people see it as the place you go through to get to the rest of Japan. Maybe finally take a close look at the windmill on the way!

28th: Fly home

29th: SLEEP.

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