I went to an anime convention

And I don’t really even like anime! Luckily it turned out to be more of a geeky variety show with singing, comedy dubs, anime music videos and, er, insult battles.


The “main stage” downstairs

Oh and cosplay too, naturally.


The much more old-fashioned room upstairs, where a costume display was held

There was also a few people selling bits and pieces, including anime figures and DVD’s. No manga, though – not even the self-published kind! (Sweatdrop Studios and Jenika Ioffreda being noticable absences). I got a few written story books instead, but I’m currently ploughing my way through ALL the Sherlock Holmes (that was written by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, anyway), so they may sit around for a while.

Giving thought to just saying “sod it” and applying for a private ALT company in August. If I don’t I’ll probably go to Japan either over the new year, or next spring.

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