Got Dictionary Envy?

I got this last weekend…


Could have spent a pound less for no slipcase!

It’s a rather huge (that’s A3 paper!) Japanese-English dictionary published by Kenkyusha in 1986, for 8000 yen (I dread to think what that translates to in contemporary pounds). According to a stamp in the front it once belonged to the British Telecom Library, but now it belongs to my library. Unfortunately it’s in Romaji, but beggars can’t be choosers…



It is intended for Japanese readers otherwise, though. So some of the example bits and pieces are in entirely Japanese without even furigana. It also contains some, er, odd stuff. Such as a list of military ranks in the American, Japanese and British forces…


Any Commando artists looking for real authenticity?

There’s also a slightly more useful list of names of famous works of literature (Flashman and Bulldog Drummond shockingly overlooked), people and places translated to Japanese.

 dict04.jpg – dict05.jpg – dict06.jpg

There also appears to be a list of Pinyin romanisations of Chinese letters. Can’t think what the reasoning for that was… though I did once know somebody who based liking bands on where they came from. He seemed genuinely offended when I told him my favourite bands from from Belfast, London and South Shields. However he considered it acceptable to like Korean or Chinese bands because those places are, after all, ‘like’ Japan. (…)


The name of somebody I work with is in here. I wonder if his actual name is written with the same character twice XD

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