Went to see this guy in Cambridge last night:

 I have been told just posting the URL will make it a Youtube embed automatically. I’m not very confident

Edit: What a surprise.

It was a joint event organised by the Anglo-Japanese Society and the Anime Society (oh dear…). So obviously lots of tunes from Final Fantasy, Studio Ghibli and such-like things got requested. Oh and of course Caramell Dansen… isn’t that Danish? Unfortunately nobody asked for something from DDR so I couldn’t chip in with “do the national anthem!”. Oh well.

I bet these embeds won’t work will they?

In addition to such otakish music he was also joined by Hibiki Ichikawa, a Samisen player who played some traditional music. They also did some traditional songs of Okinawa together.

Also there was a sale of raffle tickets during the interval. I wrote my name in a rush, using my mum’s christmas present as a board. Later Masa himself drew the raffle and complained of “small writing” that he couldn’t read. He passed it on to somebody else, who passed it straight on to somebody else, who was juuust able to decipher my name XD. ALT applicants beware: They generally want people with intelligible writing.


The spoils.

Oh and he was also selling self-copied CD’s for a fiver after the show. I’ve not experienced that in Cambridge for a looong time. I used to go to at least one metal/rock/blues/ska/reggae/all of the above night a fortnight! Don’t really have a good excuse for not doing it now, actually…


May contain useful URL’s

Oh yeah while waiting for the gig to start I went comic shopping. In addition to the usual Commando I also got a Japanese one that was recommended on a Canadian comic blog (by a guy who’s on the first page of a google search for Jinbocho, so he knows his stuff!). It appears to be about a young artist who somehow cheats death but gains the ability to help people with his art. The art in the comic is great, it switches styles frequently, presumably from ‘real life’ to ‘arty helping world’. Also from a look at the backs in the shop it’s only 3 books long so I might as well give it a go!


Or will it be re-made as a 50-volume series later, like Sweeney Todd was? XD

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