Started applying for JET again


Let’s see what happens this time around eh? I think I’ve improved my application chances a little, by…

– Joining a Japanese cultural exchange society

– Learning more of the language

– Taking ‘proper’ classes in it too (ought to sound better!)

– Giving my university proper instructions on ‘authenticating’ the degree transcript I need.

Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy wrestling the medical consent form from the jaws of the NHS. But first I will have to get it printed out on my big, decent printer… which means I’ll need to wrestle that into position, get the computer for it out and running, and find all the cables… oh dear.

 I’ve also been reading another interesting website, which I discovered through Kirainet. This one is called and is run by an Igirisujin! He’s also a colossal otaku XD but runs a sucessful business and has his own TV show, for all that. Oh and his blog is crammed with thousands of photos from around Japan… though mainly Akihabara. Get on a walk-around of Jimbocho, eh? XD

Oh yeah his method of learning Japanese was like an ultra-immersion in his own home, playing Japanese TV and sticking magazine covers on the walls. I ought to try some of that myself! Today I only learned ひだり (左) and わたります. Tomorrow I need to work on “Go straight on” “For a long way” “For a little way” and “Until you get to the end” (or literally “until you bump into the end” XD).

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