Japanese lessons

I’ve started to properly have Japanese lessons now! They are organised by the Cambridge University Anglo-Japanese Society. There’s three levels, Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Intermediate. I tried the first two out (as they were one after the other in the same room, and free). My own level appears to be far beyond the Beginner level (they’re learning the first two lines of Hiragana) but far behind the Advanced Beginner (“here’s a passage in Kana what’s it say?” “Um… TV?”). Going to stick with the latter, though. You won’t progress if you don’t challenge yourself!

It’s also persuaded me to learn Kanji properly. I “know” about 120 of them, but only the form and meaning in English. I learned them this way because it was easy  I thought it would help me to at least recognise place/product names. For instance knowing you live in “West Gold Mountain” is a step up from knowing you live in “the town with three letters in it’s name”. Anyway our teacher told me that was insane and that I should also learn the various readings in Japanese. The problem with this being most of the letters have multiple readings, and a lot of the ON readings (short ones, for when the letters are used with others) sound the same.

Oh also we have to learn 10 for the next lesson but I can’t remember which 10!

In other news I had a re-arrange of my room recently (to put the bed nearer the heater). It was a bit chaotic


Nearly everything you can see in this picture is comics or story papers… oh dear.

But I finally finished. It also allowed me to put my books in some sort of vague order. Here’s the antique (or just old) books about Japan.


More on those another time. I have put up a set of pictures from the more illustrated ones before… on another blog. But that blog is full of swearing, so I’ll one day “transfer” the post here.

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