Look what I got!


For £8.99 which was surprisingly cheap for what it is.

It’s a dictionary with loads of pictures! Which ought to make a bit easier to remember new vocabulary than a simple list of words. It also features proper Japanese writing as well as Romaji


A great deal of Katakana loan words! Unfortunately you have to learn how to say them in what sounds like a comedy racist Japanese accent put on by Bernard Manning, as Japanese people won’t understand the “plain” English version!

Mind you there is some strange decisions in some places. They are going with the photos they had laying around the office, and the one for “high speed train” is of the French TGV.


Hayo-supeedo toreino

Of course in a country that speaks Japanese, such as Japan, they will call it Shinkansen, because that’s it’s name! Then you may end up saying the wrong thing while frantically asking directions with a minute left before it leaves (and it will leave on time) and being politely corrected with “ah, we don’t call it that here…” instead of given the directions!

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