Don’t update this thing very much do I?

I planned to spend this weekend starting to plan and write a 20-odd thousand word spy/adventure story for the first issue of my story paper The Trident. Instead I’ve spent it reading the newest addition to my blogroll:

It’s a blog run by a Spaniard who has lived in Japan for several years and who takes photos of absolutely everything. He also writes about everything from ancient Japanese history right up to new brand new anime/otaku things.

Next week I’m going to contact my boss / old university supervisor about JET references again, may as well give it a go. If I get rejected without an interview I can try for a private ALT company, and If I do get an interview I can hang on and save more. Actually as JET pays well If I get on it I could use some of the money I have already saved to take a further short holiday in Japan, maybe to some other location like Kyoto.

Oh yeah also I installed a Windows plugin to write in Japanese, so I can write things like 私は日本に行きたいです

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