I got my JET rejection letter today! Of course I had already guessed it was coming since about the end of January, there was a rumour going about that people in full time employment would get their interview notifications first, and I didn’t get mine! In fact in a way it’s nice to finally know one way or the other.


I might try again so I better not show who I am!

In summing up I’m pretty sure that one of my references was great and the other must have been OK. I’m pretty sure it was my lack of ‘actual’ experience of working with children (it was only very minimal and I was still “a child” myself, just older than all the others) and, of course, my hastily re-written SOP done the day before are what hurt the application the most.

I might try one of the commercial ALT programmes instead, or wait another year and try JET again, I may have the chance to get some more relevant experience in the next year, but it’s a bit up in the air at the moment.  Either way the actual “fabric” of the blog now needs editing, it’s not much of a JET blog if i’m not on it!

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