25th November 2010

Just a quick update. On the 22nd of November I sent my online application, and then on the 24th posted my paper application! The process really starts now!

I had sent the first draft of my SOP to one guy, who pointed out a lot of corrections it needed. I made those but he never got back to me about the second draft. I sent it instead to some girl who said it was a collection of random, rambling thoughts that she couldn’t even get to the end of. Great.

On the night of the 22nd/23rd I made very heavy edits to it (my original plan was to post it on the 23rd!). But¬†unfortunately¬†tiredness ¬†meant that it was a machine-gun like succession of “I like A. I do B. I think this makes me a good candidate.” So i gave myself an extra day to refine the language and make it flow better.

As it write it’s threatening snow outside and many places in Britain are already covered in the white stuff. But my mind is on the 35-degree days (and nights!) and humidity you can almost drink of a Japanese July. Here’s hoping…

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