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07 November 2010

And this update won’t be published until I get accepted / rejected for JET either. I don’t want to “prejudice the jury” if anybody from JET finds their way here!

Anyway, applications are now open and I’m working on filling in the form online. My friend Natasha has already submitted hers but I’m taking time over it and making sure all of the required paperwork is actually in my hands before I submit it and post the stuff. If I submit the online version now and then don’t follow through with the posted stuff it won’t look all that great if I try again next year!

Speaking of “required paperwork”, this includes the statement of physician. On the JET-UK website it says that this is only required for “most” applicants, which implies that you don’t need it if you have no ongoing health concerns. As we also have to do a self-assessment health form this led me to not unreasonably assume I’d be fine without it. Then I actually SEE the self-assessment health form! Every single question on it follows the format “Have you ever had X please obtain a statement of physician to confirm this”.

SO I phoned my doctor’s surgery to get an appointment. Except being young(ish) and healthy(ish) the last time I saw a doctor was in 2005, one year before I went to university, because I’d pulled a muscle washing the car. Apparently my documents were still “in Lincoln”, where I had been at university. I vaguely recalled getting a ‘temporary’ transfer to be registered with a doctor up there. Oh well, I suppose i’ll have to fill in some forms to get the documents transferred back and wait a day or two. No big deal.

So I go in to my local surgery on the 4th of November. Write that down in your copybook. I ask them to transfer my documents back so that I can get the statement of physician sorted out before the 26th of November. Not possible! Somehow in these days of the internet, with information being sent instantly, and motor-vans capable of speeds of up to 70 miles per hour it will still take the best part of a month to get a folder of paperwork transferred 100 miles!

So my only solution is go to to Lincoln and see a doctor there. Cue another day booked off work at short notice (I’m glad I sorted the references before all of this). I didn’t know what doctor’s I was registered at in Lincoln, so before I set about ringing all the ones I could google and asking them I thought I’d try the university. This actually turned out to be the best thing to do as I was registered at the university health centre, which has it’s own doctor! Personally I didn’t even know it existed until now, which I suppose is a good sign. BUT the university health centre only does same-day appointments. So my plan for Wednesday basically involves leaving the house at about 7:00 to embark on the drive to Lincoln, stopping somewhere an hour into the journey to ring on my mobile and make the appointment, and then finally arriving at the city with seconds to spare / hours to kill (you can just tell I won’t be able to get a convenient one). Oh well, Lincoln is actually fairly beautiful and very “off the beaten track” for tourists, so I’ll be snapping a lot of photos of the city to show to my students if i do get on JET. Oh it also has some fantastic book shops.

Speaking of which, my camera is broken so this post will have to be picture free!

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