More application progress

Another small step in the application process today. I requested a degree transcript from my university, the JET website asks for it to be authenticated so I asked for it to be in a signed sealed envelope, which I can then pass directly on in the application pack without opening.

Modern edit: Actually the JET people want it signed on the certificate, having it an envelope like that was probably “wrong”.

The other thing was ringing for a reference from my final year project supervisor, JET has some detailed requirements for refrences such as them being on headed paper, signed across the seal of the envelope and then initially sent to the applicant and put in the application pack by them when it is sent off. Any applicants reading this post in the future should take note of that! It’s not like applying for yer average job in the UK where you just give them the address of a reference and they obtain it themselves.

Oh and I suppose you want a picture too! Well last weekend I went to see some rock bands at a place called Donington Park, I saw some famous ones like this one:


Evvy metall!

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