Atarashii pasuporto desu yo

The JET application process requires you to collect a great deal of documents, the first of which came on Friday: My new passport! I’m now “good” for international travel for the next 10 years, though there’s only one nation I actually intend to travel to. Well apart from the various stop offs, in July they will be in Germany, a country I would like to see more of, though I won’t get a chance this time around.


New Passport! Now put into it’s fancy covering…

 Also, over the weekend my friend from Japan was in Britain on the final part of a mini tour of Europe. She bought me an interesting present… a Kitkat… a GREEN TEA flavour Kitkat!!


 Odd way of packaging it… similar to the Japanese snack called Pocky, which Otaku rave about (but which isn’t all that nice) and the European imitation Mikado (which is). I don’t know if normal Kitkats are also packaged this way in Japan… something to research! XD

Apparently it’s a limited edition… mind you I’m not good  enough at Japanese to read the packaging yet. Maybe, like the “Chief Wiggum” Frijj milkshake the “limited edition”-ness will last so long it will start to become a normal part of the range. The taste of it is… interesting, to say the least.


Why yes, the chocolate and …stuff between the biscuit layers, is green too!

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