Application progress + Noodles

Application progress: Passport application posted! I did check and send so hopefully they won’t hold it up and i’ll have a new passport in enough time for my next trip to Japan in July. I wonder if i should ‘research’ some interesting facts to impress the JET selectors with when i go? Mind you from a forum post i read they don’t actually want people who know loads about Japan because they come off as desperate to go just so they can get some “SUGOI ANIME KAWAIIII BISHIES!” and so on.

As JET is meant to be a cultural EXCHANGE not an easy way to get Anime i ought to do my research at the British museum and from the Illustrated Book of Patriotism. Mind you if i do get on it i’ll probably still have the teacher starting a class one day thus:

“It’s an important day in our assistant’s homeland today”

“Er… is it?” *racks memory for the dates of St George’s day, Queen’s birthday etc etc*

“Yes, it’s Thanksgiving!”

Oh yeah i also miss Japanese food. But a Chinese guy at work told me of a source of noodles which i identified as a well known (especially among otaku) brand of Japanese noodle. However unlike some chocolate-coated biscuit sticks i could mention the otaku ravings about Ramen noodles actually have a grounding in reality. They’re like Bachelor’s Super Noodles only 100 times better. Though in Japan they also come in large plastic tubs like Pot Noodles on steroids.

Anyway as i have a rock festival to go to soon and i need light and easy-to-do food i thought i’d head for this shop and get an armful, and also some chopsticks (i can’t imagine eating noodles without them now… well maybe Pot Noodles… which i just can’t imagine eating!).


Japanese noodles, bought from a Chinese supermarket… Und gefabriken im Deutschland! Oh well they’ll probably taste the same. Of course i’ll test them before i actually go!

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